How To Play


Choose your object

Look out for an item of street furniture with a unique reference code - these are the pre-existing codes on the object, that are used mostly for maintenance.

A code can be a combination of letters and numbers.


Say hello

To talk to an object, send a text message to the Hello Lamp Post phone number with a message in the format "Hello OBJECTTYPE #OBJECTCODE". For example: "Hello lamppost #325" or "Hello post box #BS2032"

- Remember to use the hash (#) symbol at the start of a code.

- Be sure to ignore any spaces when entering your code.


Follow the conversation

You should soon get a reply. Answer the object's questions and learn what other people also have to say.

- Try to keep your replies short - a sentence or two is best.

- Keep an eye out for the special objects that don't act like the others.

After your first conversation, keep playing!

Hunt down and wake up as many objects as you can, or return to the same objects again for more in-depth conversations.

Hello Lamp Post has ended for the time being.

Hello Lamp Post ran from July-September 2013 in Bristol; it is currently dormant.