Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

  • Do we deploy actual lamp posts?

    No, we overlay our software onto any existing street infrastructure; lamp posts, benches, bins, statues etc.

  • Can the objects speak?

    Currently the platform operates through text-based conversations, via SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

  • Is there a separate app to download?

    No, all conversations take place through existing chat platforms (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)

  • What type of projects do we work on?

    Hello Lamp Post has been used in cities around the world for community consultation, consumer research, playful engagement and storytelling.

  • Anonymous & free for citizens

    Where SMS is the primary communication platform; your mobile provider’s standard rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply. You may be charged by your carrier for any messages you send or receive. Rates will be calculated according to the terms of your cellular contract.

  • Do some people abuse the system?

    The system is anonymous and open to any audience in a project location. Any abusive or offensive messages are moderated.


  • What does it cost?

    Project prices are bespoke, based on duration, number of objects and depth of content.

  • Procurement process (incl. G Cloud)

    Contact sales to discuss procurement. We are also registered with G Cloud & Spark.


  • Which council teams do we work with?

    To date, we have worked with; transport, tourism, culture, finance, community services.

  • Do you share any project data / insights with clients?

    Yes, we visualize user responses and aggregate data for presentation in offline reports and live dashboards.

  • How long does setup take?

    Depending on the size of the deployment, without complications we can launch projects in 2-8 weeks.

  • How easy is it to 'scale-up' a project/deployment?

    The system is flexible, meaning all objects, content and locations can be scaled up or down dependent on requirement.

  • How much influence can we clients have in the narrative/themes of conversations?

    We provide you with maximum opportunity to shape content through a submission process. Alternatively we can look after all ideation and creation of content if provided with the appropriate resources and limited input from you.


  • How can we engage with 'hard to reach' communities?

    Strategically place signage, additional languages, straight forward content, playfulness, free, anonymous)

  • Is there any hardware to install?

    There is no physical hardware required. To encourage interaction you will need to install on-street promotional signage which we custom design for each location.

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