HLP Location Background

Southwark, London

October 2020 - February 2021


Hello Southwark was a collaborative initiative with Southwark Council, looking to reimagine public spaces and engage the community on a global issue. Due to their proximity to central London and the River Thames, air pollution and flooding are two direct issues that Southwark Council are concerned about. Through SMS conversations with trees, bins and flagpoles, the community was reminded about the importance of tackling climate change, how the council was planning on overcoming the Borough’s environmental challenges, as well as people being encouraged to share their own views and methods on how to make an individual and collective impact. The Hello Lamp Post platform enabled live consultations in five key areas: Burgess Park, Elephant & Castle, Peckham Square, Camberwell green, and Nunhead Green.

Project Goals

  • Further improve communication channels between Southwark Council and its under-represented communities.

  • Assist in developing policies that contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • Improve the livelihoods of people living in Southwark by allowing them to help inform policy.

  • Raise awareness about the elements of climate change that the people of Southwark can influence.







Project Action

Project Outcomes

  • The conversations between objects and players were extremely insightful. People had a variety of helpful contributions, which were fed back to the local decision makers, ranging from factors that would affect recycling habits to traffic reducing measures.

  • The local council is now able to make better strategic decisions based on the needs, wants and priorities of the community.

  • Players were prompted to think about and address environmental issues in a new way.

  • By encouraging a further understanding of climate change, the community is able to gain some control over the crisis.

  • The council has been able to minimise the effects of climate change, thanks to the support and insights gathered from the community.

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